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Green Jasmine - Organic Green Tea with Jasmine Scent - 20g

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Gentle green tea enriched with the fragrance of delicate jasmine blossoms guarantees an elegantly sensuous experience.

The green tea used for Green Jasmine is cultivated in the hilly region of Fujian, a province on the southeastern coast of China and the country's most important tea-growing region.

The dark green leaves have white leaf buds, a clear indication that only the youngest and most delicate tea leaves are carefully handpicked in spring.

The green tea's subtly nuanced scent of jasmine comes from the addition of freshly plucked jasmine blossoms, which are then painstakingly removed. This complex procedure is repeated several times. The process, which enhances the fine aroma of tea with the flowery fragrance of jasmine, has been known for more than 1000 years and ensures an elegant and luxurious tea experience.

Good to know...

The tin height is about 6.5 cm.
Green teas should be brewed with water at a temperature of 80–85°C (leave the water in the kettle for about one minute after it has stopped boiling). For the perfect cup, let steep for 2 – 3 min.