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Founded by pharmacist Alfred Blumenthal in 1886, the pharmacy and its dispensary located in Vienna's Gumpendorfer Street, between the popular Naschmarkt and the well-known Mariahilferstraße, is the historical backbone of Saint Charles. The pharmacy cabinets from the era of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, which are still preserved today, are not only witnesses of the times, but rather a symbol of the connection between a centuries-old tradition and modern lifestyle. In 2006, pharmacist Mag. Pharm. Alexander Ehrmann took over the historical pharmacy and founded Saint Charles, thus creating a new and innovative understanding of how the tradition of pharmacy can be reinterpreted.

With the establishment - in line with a holistic view of health - the natural cosmetics shop Cosmothecary was created next to the pharmacy, a small spa for treatments, a bio-inn and a health center for therapists in Vienna. Shortly thereafter, pharmacist Mag. Sabine Zeeck established the Saint Charles pharmacy in Berlin.

Based on the teachings of the Traditional European Medicine, the company focuses on the healing power of nature and the local herbal world. In the field of natural cosmetics, aromatherapy and herbal medicine, Saint Charles now offers a wide range of around 400 products for holistic well-being. Born out of the passion to reinterpret old knowledge.

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  1. Room Spray Sleep Well - 100 ml
  2. Room Spray Head Pain Guard - 100ml
  3. Oleum Aeth. Myrtle Organic No. 26 - 20 ml
  4. Oleum Aeth. Cedar Organic No. 21 - 20 ml
  5. Oleum Aeth. Stone Pine Organic Nr. 12 - 20 ml
  6. Oleum Aeth. Bergamotte Organic Nr. 7 - 20 ml
  7. Wild Roots  Room Spray - 100ml
  8. Wild Roots Hand & Body Lotion - 300ml
  9. "Privatmischung" Bath Salts - 500gr
  10. "Privatmischung"  Room Spray - 100ml
  11. "Privatmischung" Hand & Body Lotion - 500ml
  12. "Privatmischung" Shower Gel - 500ml
  13. "Privatmischung" Hand Soap - 500ml
  14. Apothecary Soap - 500ml
  15. Hand Cream - 100ml
  16. Eye Cream - 30ml
  17. Lip & Cheek Balm - 30ml
  18. Daily Face Cream - 50ml