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Wellness Tea Relax - 20 Sachets of Organic herbal tea blend

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Organic herbal tea blend

20 Sachets of 2g

The soothing and aromatic silver linden blossoms captivate with their mild, creamy honey sweetness, delicious liquorice complements this lovely note perfectly.

Both lemon balm and lavender are known for their calming effects, while rose petals provide a lovely, floral finish.

Delicately floral with a harmonious, light sweetness, you can relax wonderfully with this mild – caffeine-free – herbal tea. The ideal composition as a gentle end to the day.

Good to know...

Herbal teas should be brewed at a water temperature of 95-98°C (leave the water in the kettle after boiling and wait until it stops boiling). The optimal steeping time for this type of tea is 6 - 8 minutes.