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Oleum Aeth. Cedar Organic No. 21 - 20 ml

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100% pure in the 20ml violet glass

Cedar, also called Atlas cedar, originally comes from North Africa. The oil has long been much revered by perfumers. The antibacterial effect of cedar was recognised and valued as early as the 19th century. The ancient Egyptians used it for embalming, for cosmetic purposes and as a fragrance and incense. With its balsamic, woody and warm scent, cedar oil imparts feelings of warmth and abundance. It also has a positive effect on the psyche, lending strength and power and at the same time, eliminating stress and tension.

Our essential oils are:

  • 100% natural, without additives
  • exclusively in organic quality
  • of high quality
  • ideal for aromatherapy applications
  • proven in our pharmacy
  • Always read the label on the back before use. Keep away from children. Store at room temperature.


Cedrus Altlantica (from controlled organic farming). AT-BIO-301. Light-protected filled in noble bottle