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Exfoliating Clay Stone

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This exfoliating pebble provides a natural, zero waste scrub. Made solely of clay, a mineral known for its purifying properties, its very fine texture is gentle and respectful of the skin.

- Exfoliation of dead cells: for a softer skin
- Removal of small ingrown hairs, before shaving or waxing: for a smoother skin
- Reactivation of the circulation through massage: for a revitalised skin

For intensive scrubbing (heels, etc), you can use it simply by moistening it. For the rest of the body, moisten it and use it with a shower oil or soap in circular movements. Avoid fragile areas and never press too hard to avoid irritation.

This pebble is entirely handmade. It is durable and wear-resistant.

It is made of white and pink clay, which are mixed by hand to form unique patterns. Each pebble is therefore unique.

10 x 3 cm
100 g

Handmade in France from French clay

Delivered bare, without packaging