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WHITE SAGE Baby-Smudge-Stick

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approximately 8 cm, 20-25 g

100% natural, grown naturally without chemicals and harvested by hand.

Hand-rolled baby-version smudge sticks made from dried Californian white sage. For burning without coals.

The dried white sage products come from the sage plants of the coasts and mountains of California. There the leaves are carefully collected by hand by  descendants of the indigenous people and then carefully bundled, before they are carefully dried in the Californian sun.

Smudge sticks made from white sage have been used for generations by the Native Americans for purification ceremonies and are intended to expand consciousness and spiritual purification. Burning ceremonies therefore bring about mental clarity and focus on the essentials. Negative energies should be reduced, there is space for healing and spiritual development. According to ancient Indian tradition, evil spirits are expelled and thus threatening calamities are warded off.

Please use our sage and our other natural products only for purposeful, positive actions and make yourself thoroughly informed. Use by adults only and on your own responsibility. Asthmatics, epileptics and other health impaired people should only use the product after consulting a doctor.