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Natural, water-based and bio-degradable Lubricant made of only natural ingredients. Holy thistle takes on the performance effect of silicone in our natural formulation. Essential oils from tea-tree, lavender and thyme naturally preserve the product, and natural acids ensure a high skin-tolerance and provide an antibacterial effect. The PH-value of the product is adjusted to the PH-value of the vagina. Means, apart from ensuring lot’s of natural fun our lube also reduces the risks of a fungal, bacterial or viral infection.

Thanks to the essential oils and the natural formulation, this natural lubricant does not only have a very nice scent but its edible and has a really good taste.

Safety indication on Thyme:

The medicinal use of Thyme should be paused overall during pregnancy. Therefore we advise not to use our natural lubricant during the time of pregnancy. Thyme is known for a stimulating effect on the inner female genital organs and specially known for its stimulating effects on the womb.