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Matcha Tin with Organic green tea powder from Japan

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Organic green tea powder from Japan

Tin of 30g

Our Matcha originates from the prefecture of Shizuoka on the island of Honshū. The region is famed for being the center of the Japanese tea trade. The special quality of the soil coupled with unusual climatic conditions sets the region apart and ensures thriving crops. The result is a mild but highly aromatic tea with a light, delicate sweetness.

For Matcha only the best leaves are selected from the first harvest. After a 2–3 weeks shading, the tea leaves shine in a glorious green. Directly after plucking the tea leaves, all leaf stems and leaf ribs are sorted out. This so-called "Tencha" is ground by a slowly rotating granite mill into fine powders. In one hour just the amount of a small tin is produced – about 30g. The bright green tea powder is immediately packed in airtight tins to conserve the freshness.

Enjoy the intense and fresh taste of green tea leaves combined with a silky smooth finish.

Good to know...

There are two traditional ways to prepare Matcha: the creamy Koicha and the liquid Usucha. For Usucha put 1–2 bamboo spoon (½ teaspoon) of Matcha in a bowl, add approx. 80ml of cooled down hot water (approx. 80°C) and pitch it briefly with a bamboo whisk until it is slightly frothy. For the intensive Koicha double the amount of Matcha and reduce the amount of water by half. The creamy-rich Koicha is ready for indulgence within 10–20 seconds by using a bamboo whisk.