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Jasmine Dragon Pearls - 20 Sachets of Organic hand-rolled green tea with the fragrance of jasmine

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Organic hand-rolled green tea with the fragrance of jasmine

20 Sachets of 2g

Carefully hand-rolled green tea pearls with a hint of delicate jasmine flowers. An elegant, sensuous flavor.

Only partially opened individual leaf buds harvested in the springtime are used to make this rare specialty. In the final, extremely involved part of the process, they are enriched with the scent of the finest jasmine flowers. This involves repeatedly blending the leaves with the flowers and separating them again. The carefully selected tealeaves are firmly rolled, completely by hand, and repeatedly heated and cooled in a wok until small, pearl-like spheres are produced.

The pleasantly light and fruity drink is enhanced by the delicate flowery notes of the jasmine blossoms. A sensuous experience for the eyes, nose and palate.

Good to know...

Green teas should be brewed with water at a temperature of 80–85°C (leave the water in the kettle for about one minute after it has stopped boiling).