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Espresso Classico in Capsules

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An exclusive Arabica blend
Box of 10 capsules

Only the best Arabica beans are used for our espresso blend. The gentle roasting process reduces the espresso's natural acidity and allows it to unfold its round, harmonious aroma.

Subtle acidity, a full-bodied sweetness on the palate with berry and honey notes, and a balanced flavor.

Ideal as an espresso.

Available in:
– Sleeves of 10 capsules containing 5 g of ground roasted coffee

Made in Switzerland, compatible with the Nespresso® system (the Nespresso® brand belongs to a third party with no connection whatsoever to A. Kuster Sirocco AG)

Good to know...

Intensity: 6/10

Suitable for: espresso (40 ml)

The cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable.