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Delicate Wash - Wool & Silk

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Do you have problems with woolen sweaters getting small holes and increasing pilling? Maybe you even suspect fur beetles or moth in your wardrobe? This is probably not the case; the problem is more likely you’re using the wrong detergent.

This mild detergent is specially made to effectively clean and, at the same time, nourish delicate materials such as wool and silk. The natural ingredients Lanolin and silk oil rehydrates the fibers in any type of natural material and prolongs their lifespan. Discreetly scented with exclusive tones of wild rose and musk.

Contains 750ml

Specially developed for sensitive and exclusive fabrics

The subtle and unique scent of wild rose and musk

Highly concentrated


Manufactured in a climate-neutral factory in Sweden

Increases the lifespan of your clothing

Contains no bleach, optical brighteners, colorants, zeolites, phosphates or preservatives

Steamery Delicate Wash contains nothing but natural ingredients that are readily biodegradable, which means they are broken down within hours. The palm oil used is certified and not rainforest harvested. All our laundry detergents are produced in Östergötland, Sweden. The factory is certified as climate neutral. This means they compensate for all CO2 as well as other emissions